Friday, April 8, 2011

Goulash it burns! My foot, it burns.

In the second to last Top Chef Richard Blais made beef goulash for Wolfgang Puck. I made it last night. Here is Chef Moonen recreating it:

Notice the pan he sears the short ribs with. Particularly the high sides.

Well I don't have one like that so I used a pan with flared sides. During the first flip of the meat, I managed to slosh some hot oil out of the pan and it landed right on my right foot.

Lesson one: Sear in a pan with high, straight sides.

Lesson two: Don't cook at high temperatures barefoot.

In the end, my goulash wasn't bad. I didn't bother straining the braising liquid, instead I just dumped it all into a pan to reduce. It's more 'rustic' then how Blais did it, but why waste all that vegetable? And I'll use the extra with some potatoes or something.

But, my ribs didn't come out the best. I blame my crappy pressure cooker which never really got a good seal. When it does seal, I'm afraid it will explode because it doesn't really vent properly. Its one of the ones with the little bobber looking regulator you put on top after its steaming. Gotta get a better one.

I didn't bother with the strudel.