Saturday, November 7, 2009

VMWare Fusion 3.0

I recently upgraded from a Mac Mini to a MacBook Pro. On the Mini, I was doing some .Net development with VMWare Fusion 2.4. It was an excellent setup. Running XP within OSX was the best of the both worlds: XP for running Visual Studio (C# Express was adequate for my purposes) and OSX for everything else. Also, nice to play for Chrome in XP since Google has yet to release a Mac version.

One thing on the Mini, Fusion 2.x didn't run well in Unity mode. Unity removes you from the XP desktop opting instead to make each Windows application appear to be a Mac application. Each app minimizes to the Mac program bar appearing to you as a native OSX program. But they didn't play well with Spaces. I use Spaces with the 4 desktop setting. Apps in Unity mode just appeared as grey blobs on the screen, like Unity couldn't tell they were individual programs.

After migrating the Mini to my shiny new MacBook then upgrading to Fusion 3, I was eager to see if this is fixed. I am happy to say, so far so good. This isn't a thorough test, but it certianly looks nice:
TempPro2 - Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

More to come as I do some actual .Net hacking on my Mac. Take that Uncle Bill.

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