Sunday, August 2, 2015

Django Unchained. I finally watched it.

Why did it take me this long to watch it? I have two little kids and its NOT kid friendly nor short enough to watch during naps. Kind of obvious for a Tarantino film.

Note: Chrome's spell checked has Tarantino in the dictionary, interesting.

Today is Daddy's day off, they are with Mom and the pool and I'm getting some rest. Django has been staring at me on Netflix for awhile now. I turn up the volume and watch it. My movie review style is simple: short analysis (hopefully) summing up lots into little.

Quentin Tarantino has finally channeled his inner JJ Abrams re-imagining 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly'. Brilliantly.

Another film it reminded me of: O Brother, Where Art thou?' Replace Homer's Odyssey with Brunhilde.

Too obvious?

How about this take away.

Cinema has always had a ethos where it was okay to root for certain types of characters to be killed. Its morbid, but true since at least John Wayne was shooting people.

First it was American Indians. Then Nazis.

It's still Nazis (doubt that every gets old), but Tarantino has successfully added slave holders and their lackeys. I for one hope Dave Chappelle had a hand in this.

Windows 10. Am I the only one that liked Windows 8.1?

I just updated to Windows 10.

Where the hell are my programs I had nicely organized on the start menu as a whole screen thingy?

I click the magnifying glass (I assume that means search) and try to search for anything. I just want to type something and get a filtered list of my installed programs. there is no search, I type, and nothing. Its real easy to change the name of the "start screen" why would I want to do that? When I hit the Windows button before I saw my programs organized the way I organized them. Or I could just start typing and it would search for stuff. Sure it was slow and searched Bing (i guess) but it at least (eventually) found the program I recently installed and now need to run.

O look what I wanted was to hit the Windows button then scroll down further. There is the program I need. I prefer to search. Scrolling in a tiny popup is so not a good idea.

I guess I'll find out Monday if they murdered Visual Studio, too. Someone buy me a new MacBook. Please.