Sunday, August 2, 2015

Windows 10. Am I the only one that liked Windows 8.1?

I just updated to Windows 10.

Where the hell are my programs I had nicely organized on the start menu as a whole screen thingy?

I click the magnifying glass (I assume that means search) and try to search for anything. I just want to type something and get a filtered list of my installed programs. there is no search, I type, and nothing. Its real easy to change the name of the "start screen" why would I want to do that? When I hit the Windows button before I saw my programs organized the way I organized them. Or I could just start typing and it would search for stuff. Sure it was slow and searched Bing (i guess) but it at least (eventually) found the program I recently installed and now need to run.

O look what I wanted was to hit the Windows button then scroll down further. There is the program I need. I prefer to search. Scrolling in a tiny popup is so not a good idea.

I guess I'll find out Monday if they murdered Visual Studio, too. Someone buy me a new MacBook. Please.