Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vij's Coconut Curried Vegetables

One of my favorite cookbooks is Elegant & Inspired Vij's Indian Cuisine

The spice combinations employed in good Indian food are a real attraction for me. I have a full stash of whole spices used in Indian food (your local Indian market is best and cheapest place to stock up). I like the India Palace on the West side of West Palm Beach. Haven't tried the restaurant but the market is great for spices, rice, and even some fresh produce (sometimes they have fresh curry leaves).

Back to the curry. You can find the recipe at Vij's restuarant site, go to Recipes then Coconut Curried Vegetables.

I find myself making this dish almost once a week. It is delicious, nutritious, great leftover, and pairs with most any protein or just with rice. Plus the variations are endless. I never knew cauliflower could be this good.


If you don't use eggplant the sauce won't thicken as well but the flavor is quite good. The eggplant does give it a different dimension though.

I like to vary the types of peppers used. Poblano, bell, sweet italian, whatever is handy.

I like it best if its not to strong on the tomato. The coconut milk really comes through this way. If you don't care for coconut milk (looking at you, Attia) then by all means, up the tomato content.