Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gratify Gastro Pub

This evening me and a friend headed out to watch the Maryland v Miami game and down a few beers. Duffy's would be the normal sports bar option but we wanted something better.

Enter Gratify, a Gastro Pub in West Palm Beach. Here is the Google Place page where you can find my review based on previous dining experiences.

We sat at the bar overlooking the open kitchen, two HD Tv's perched overhead. Much better way to watch the game then Duffy's 15 small TV's at a distance. Other then a nice 8 minute run in the 2nd half, Maryland looked pretty bad. But that's another discussion, if your really interested here is a good discussion.

Gratify specializes in small plates and good beer. Perfect. We aren't particularly hungry nor have any desire to drink Light anything. I started with a draft Palm, a nice Belgian pale ale. We split two small plates, the BBQ Sliders and something I realy wanted to try, tater tots. The tots were great. Golden brown and crispy outside with almost mashed potato innards. I believe the insides contain some meet and onion along with a few others. Too bad its not on thier online menu, which is out of date. They should use SandwichBoard. The sliders I have had before and really like. A classic shredded pork on foccacia with a little slaw on top. Great with the beer.

Back to the beer! 2nd round goes to the bottles. I had the Cigar City Maduro Brown Ale, a potent brown that definitely would go with a cigar.

Overall, a very good time at the Gratify on a Wednesday night. This place is great for doing sports bar stuff with better food and way better beer.

Side note: Semi-talented rapper T.I. was playing a concert in the amphitheater across the street from Gratify. I could actually see the stage from my seat at the bar. To bad there wasn't much good to see. Or hear.