Monday, March 14, 2011


Palm Beach is literally infested with sharks right now. And they are eating everything. It is literally the Irish Potato Famine for anglers attempting to bring in sport fish species normally present on the beach.

Spinner sharks are always prevalent this time of year, but they normally keep a bit off the beach. You can see them doing their acrobatic spin attacks on hapless prey but that occurs like 200 yards off the beach.


Last night I went fishing and they were right at the beach swimming in the waves likes just like you do on a beach vacation. Even saw one ride a wive, surfing inside the wave if you will, right to the break. I could literally have tackled it in knee deep water. I know a kid caught a 5 ft black tip of 'a beach in Palm Beach county' last week. My sighting was two of them, maybe 4-5 feet gently swimming right along the beach as close as the waves would let them.

Apparently, this has been the norm for the last week at least. According to a local live lining a barracuda (this means he just attached a live barracuda to a hook and cast it from the beach into the water, maybe a 20 ft cast) in an attempt to do battle with a shark.

We swim at this beach all the time, btw.

This was late afternoon, early evening. More and more sharks are sunset approached.

On the upside I did catch a barely legal (11 inch) pompano before the sharks got to thick. It will be dinner tonight.