Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dell Optiplex 9010 All in One and Windows 8

I'm testing a Dell Optiplex 9010 AIO machine with 64 bit Windows 8 and a solid state hard drive.

Highly annoyed by an issue with Windows Store Apps. Some of them try to open then just shut down. Either a blank blue screen (not a blue screen of death, just a blank background) or right back to the Start screen.

Some apps that failed: Evernote Touch, Drums, Elemento

Some that worked: Netflix, Bing, IE

Dell support thought it was the hard drive so they sent me a new one. While installing it was a somewhat interesting look inside this very solid piece of hardware, it did not fix my problems. I did notice there is room to stick another huge spinning hard drive should I need the disk space. Just leave windows on the SSD for speed (it does boot/wakeup ridiculously fast).

Note: if you get Dell to send you a hard drive, make sure you have install media, I didn't realize the resource DVD did NOT have a Windows 8 image on it. Had to wait for them to send me a USB key with the image.

None of this solved my problem!

Ran across this post, pointing to a display driver issue. Ran Windows Update, didn't find any driver updates.
Went to Device Manager, right clicked Display device, Update Driver, found nothing.

Dell support site, put in Service Tag, downloaded and installed the latest drivers from there for the Intel HD Graphics card.

This fixed everything, Dell seriously needs to update there image to use the new drivers.

Current driver:
Dated: 2/22/2013