Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday frittata brunch.

I had no food until Saturday, fresh out. But I did get the new Food & Wine magazine (March 2011), I'm planning on making some selections. Starting with the Spinach-Arugula Frittata on page 61.

Not surprisingly (to me at least), I made several alterations. I have no arugula. However, my fridge does contain the spinach along with leaks, radicchio, and everything else. Oh, I'm replacing fresh thyme with fresh rosemary as well.

Here is by customarily brief summary of the published recipe, with my changes.

Fresh spinach
Leaks, chopped
4 eggs
5 egg whites
Fresh grated parmigiano
Canola oil
Peppers, sliced thin, I'm using those little sweet peppers
Chopped rosemary

A frittata is basically vegetables (or whatever) saute'd. Then pour in eggs. Finish in the over and it fluffs up all nice.

I'm using two different pans. The first is a Calphalon 8 inch Infused Anondized skillet (not coated) the other a 10 inch cheap coated pan I got from Marshalls. Which cookware will reign supreme!


Poach the spinach until wilted, drain, pat dry.

I'm doing the same thing in both pans.

Medium-Low heat.
Shallot and peppers for about 3 minutes.
Leaks for about 3 minutes.
Radicchio for 1 minute.
Wilted spinach for 1 minute.

Whisk the eggs, egg whites, and some parmigiano.
After the saute, pour eggs into the pans. (add a little more oil before eggs if pan is looking dry)
It will start to set on the edges.
Put pans in 400 degree over. (top shelf according to Food & Wine) for about 4 minutes.

Non-Stick Pan results:

Notice the nice even browning. But it's not very fluffy.

Here's the anodized pan result:

It's not as pretty (it stuck a little) but it is fluffy. We liked this version better.

To be fair, I suspect I needed more egg in each pan, particularly the non-stick (since it is a bigger pan). More egg mixture should allow the egg to fluff up nicely. Also, I used to much oil. 2-3 tablespoons should be adequate.