Monday, February 21, 2011

Wild and Crazy Florida Fruit

Always on the lookout for something different to try, my interest was piqued by a guy at the Naples Farmer's Market selling an assortment of strange fruites. I picked up some Myers Lemons and Sour Oranges, which aren't wierd but they aren't easy to find either.

Then I got a Chocolate Pudding Fruit. Also known as a Black Sapote. He said to let it get soft before eating, which I did. Apparently, not soft enough. Mine tasted like nothing with a stringy spongy texture. From the picture's it appears it needs be very ripe, browning on the outside even, and the middle will become almost black. The middle of mine was pretty brown.

The next fruit was more successful, but I'm not certain what it is called. Best guess, is a yellow sapote or egg fruit which are similar to one another. The Wikipedia page for the egg fruit says it has a maple/sweet potato flavor with the consistency of a a cooked egg yolk. This is close to what I ate, but I likened it more a mild butterscotch flavor although not very sweet. Like the Chocolate Pudding Fruit, it may need to be even softer then I thought before fully ripe. My wife and I liked this one much better.